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Tweaks let you adjust colors and replace the logo image in the upper left corner of the Bookmarks page.  You can only make these tweaks to the White and Black page designs.  If you switch to the White or Black page design while on the Settings page, you may have to Save and revisit the Settings page to view the Tweaks field.

You must have an understanding of Web design technology to be able to make these tweaks.  We do not explain what RGB values are, what pixels are, what a URL is, or why you need to specify a width and height of an image.  You need to know these things before using these tweaks.

Changing Colors of Headings and Bookmarks

Only works on White and Black page designs.  You can override the colors of the headings, bookmarks, and background using these tweaks . . .

heading = 00CC33
bookmark = 0033CC
background = 000000

The color values above are the RGB values from 0 to 256 in hexadecimal form.  The first two digits represent the red level, where 0 (00) is full off and 256 (FF) is full on.  The second set of two digits is for the green value, and the last two are for the blue value.  If all are at FF, you get white, and if all are at 00, you get black.

If you are looking for a dark result, tweak the Black design.  If a light look, tweak the White design.

Replacing Ablemarks Logo With Your Logo

Only works on White and Black page designs.  To replace the logo you need to enter three lines of information in the Tweaks field . . .

logo =
width = 120
height = 45

The first line specifies the URL pointing to your logo image file.  The logo file must be a JPEG, GIF or PNG (.jpg .gif or .png ) image file, and it can not be larger than 300 pixels wide by 65 pixels high.  We do not upload your image file, we just reference it when displaying your bookmarks page, so it must be hosted somewhere on the Web.  If your logo file moves, is deleted, or is renamed, then the logo on your Bookmarks page will appear as a missing image.

If your logo file's image size is different from the width and height you enter, your logo may appear altered when you see it displayed.  It is best to have the height and width match the height and width of your logo.

You can have your logo link to your company's home page, if the home page is a standard location.  All you have to do is have your logo image file name end in...

 ...companyname-url.jpg (or .gif, or .png)

This logo tweak only works on the White and Black page designs.  Ablemarks logos throughout the rest of the Ablemarks website are not affected by this logo tweak on your bookmarks page.


Set your page design to Black.  Then copy and paste text below into Tweaks field on Settings page.

logo =
width = 152
height = 48
heading = FFFF00
bookmark = FFFFFF
background = 554529



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