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Privacy Policy


We care about your privacy so we never share your individual information with third parties, except for payment information which we do share with our financial institutions to process payments.

If you purchase a service, we ask for an account name, a password, and an email address.  That is it.  We do not ask for any other personal information.  When you pay for a service we may record your payment information so we can, process your order, have the correct service delivered to you, and then be able to contact you if necessary regarding your order or payment.  Once this information has been shared with our financial institutions, the information is kept for our records only.

Cookies, Beacons & IP Addresses

We use cookies to enable our users to remain logged in.  By using cookies, you are in full control since you can delete your cookies at anytime with your browser.

We use web beacons to track user traffic on our site.  We analyze this information to help us determine the usefulness and effectiveness of our site, and to help us better understand the interest in our services.

 Web beacons are browser image requests (sometimes single pixel 1x1 image files) that enable us to better understand the users who visit our pages.  We may share this information, in an aggregate / total form, with current and potential advertisers, with consultants, and with business partners.  We do not share this information with outside partners in a form where individuals are identified.  The individual information is only for our internal use to better serve our customers and site visitors.

We record IP addresses of site visitors and customers to assist with prosecutions of fraudulent orders or site use.



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