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Adding Bookmarks

You can add bookmarks two ways; when editing a tab, or when you click the 'Add' link on the Search Bar.

Adding Bookmarks While Editing A Tab

Using the Edit Tab page is the most flexible way to add a bookmark.  There you can add a bookmark, edit it, add variables to it, and position it on your tab under the heading you want.  For more on this method see the Editing Bookmarks help page.

Adding Bookmarks Using the Search Bar

This is the fastest way to add bookmarks, but it requires the Search Bar be enabled via the Settings page.  The Search Bar will look similar to this . . .

Type in or paste a name or URL in the Search box and click the 'Add' link to have the bookmark added to the end of the current tab.  If you enter just a name, the URL will be extracted from the name.  If you enter just the URL, a name will be extracted from the URL.  If you enter both a name and URL, they will be cleaned up before being added.  Here are examples . . .


Type in cnn to add . . .




Type in time me to add . . .


Time Me


Paste in to add . . .


Blogspot Googleblog

Fastest Way to Add a Bookmark - Three-Steps

Requires the Search Bar be enabled via the Settings page.  This method is fastest when your Bookmarks page is set as your browser's Home Page.  When visiting a page on the Web, use these three steps to add a bookmark for that page . . .

  • Click the URL displayed by your browser and do a copy (Control-C).

  • Click browser's Home button and do a paste (Control-V).

  • Click 'Add' link to right of Search box to add bookmark to end of current tab.

Before clicking the 'Add' link, you can select a different tab, and / or you can type in a name for the bookmark in front of URL.  After clicking the 'Add' link, the new bookmark will be appended to the end of the current tab.  One or two clicks of your browser's Back button, and you're back looking at the Web page you just bookmarked.



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