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Home Page

The Advantage


Ablemarks is at its finest when it's set as your browser's Home Page.  Here's why . . .



You can be on any Web page, and one click of your browser's Home button will display all your bookmarks, clutter free.



Over 100 of your links display in a flash, so you can quickly move among your different Web tasks.



They are your links, so there are no Web distractions to waste your time.  No leading headlines, no latest sports scores, no real-time stock prices.  You instead can focus on what you want to accomplish on the Web.



Our optional integrated Search Bar allows you to use Google, Yahoo or Bing to search the Web, without having to visit the search engine each time to start your search.


Set Home Page To Your Bookmarks at Ablemarks

Many browser's let you drag a link to your browser's Home button to set the Home Page.  You can try this with the Ablemarks Bookmarks page link below . . .

If your browser can not drag the above link to the Home button, try the browser specific steps listed below, or check with your browser's help section for "How to Set Home Page" . . .


Select Tools > Internet Options from the Menu Bar.  Then under Home Page, on the General tab, click the "Use Current" button.


Select Tools > Options from the Menu Bar.  Then under Home Page, on the General tab, click the "Use Current Page" button.


Click wrench icon on the browser Tool Bar.  Select Options, and then the Basics tab.  In the "Home page" section click the "Show Home button" checkbox, then select "Open this page" and paste the Ablemarks link.  Then go to the "On startup" section and select "Open the home page."


Select Safari > Preferences from the Tool Bar.  Then click the "Set to Current Page" button next to the Home Page field.

Alternative to Home Page

A 2-click alternate is to make Ablemarks the first bookmark listed in your browser's favorites / bookmarks section.  Then it is one click to select Bookmarks from your browser's Menu Bar or Tool Bar, and a second click to select Ablemarks from the list of bookmarks.

Sharing Bookmarks

Want to share your bookmarks with colleagues, friends, family, church members?  You can do this using the Public Tab option.  Learn how via our Public Tabs help page.



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