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Account Settings


Your account ID.

   Account Type

Two account types.  The Basic account is free with ads, and the Premium account has no ads and costs 1 / day.

   Paid Through

If you have a Basic account there will be an upgrade link here, otherwise you will see the date the Premium account is paid through.  Will show expired if this is so, along with a 'Renew' link.

   Primary PW

This Primary Password allows you to edit everything in your account.  Click Change link to change your password.

   Public PW

The Public Password lets people sign in to your account to access bookmarks on public tabs, but does not let them make any changes to your tabs, headings, bookmarks or the account.

If you don't want to have a Public Password, leave this field blank.

   User's Name

Your name, for example "Frank Wilson".

   Email Address

Your email address.  Click 'Change' link to change the email address that we will use to communicate with you.  For example, when you request we email a forgotten password, or we announce new features.


Email Updates


Set if you want Ablemarks to keep you informed on updates to the service.

Display Settings

   Page Design

Use drop down list to select the design of your Bookmarks page.  Click the View Page Designs link to view the different page designs.

   Search Bar

The Search Bar has has the following options . . .



Use Google search engine and display results in the same format as Google's home page search results.



Use Yahoo search engine.



Use Bing search engine.



No search engine, but allow use of Ablemarks Find, Go to URL and Add links.



Search Bar is hidden.

   Page Title

This text is displayed at the top center part of your Bookmarks page.  It lets you title your bookmarks page.  Leave field blank for no page title.

   Column Width

Specifies pixel width of each column of bookmarks on Bookmarks page.  A setting of 250 will let you see about 35 characters of your headings and bookmark names, when using either the Black or White page designs.  Other page designs will let you see more or less characters at a setting of 250. 

If you see that many of your  headings or bookmark names are being truncated with a ..., you can increase the width of your columns, or use shorter headings and bookmark names.

   Columns Min
   Columns Max

When you resize your browser, your bookmarks are redrawn, using the number of columns that will fit in your browser window.  The columns min setting lets you specify the minimum number of columns to always be displayed.  The columns max lets you set the maximum number of columns that can be displayed.

If you set the min and max to the same value, then the number of columns will not change when you resize your browser's window.

   Lines Min

Sets minimum number of lines (bookmarks) to display in each column (4-50).  With a low number the columns grow together vertically.  With a high number, the left most column grows first then the next column to its right.


Sets number of spaces by which bookmark are indented on their left (0-8 spaces).




Specifies whether to show bookmarks with underlined links or not.

Open Bookmarks
In New Window


Specifies whether to open bookmarks in current window or in a new window.  If your Browser has Tabs, you may be able to set your browser to open links in a new Tab when this options is set.


Additional adjustments you can make to the White and Black bookmarks page designs.  You can replace the Ablemarks logo with your own logo, and specify the bookmark, heading and background colors.  See Tweaks help page.



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