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Fast, No Clutter


Ablemarks is an online favorites / bookmarks manager.  The service lets users access and manage their bookmarks on whatever computer they are using, provided it is connected to the Internet.  Ablemarks is one of the cleanest, easiest and fastest bookmarking solutions available.

The Import Bookmarks feature lets users import all their favorites / bookmarks that they have saved in their browser.  Users can even import from different browsers, on multiple PC's. and select to exclude any duplicate bookmarks found during import.

Ablemarks helps users breeze through Internet tasks during their day by instantly displaying their bookmarks with a single click.  The service is available for free with ads, and for 1 / day with no ads.

Tabs, Heading & Bookmarks

Ablemarks lets you organize your favorite web sites by Tabs, Headings and Bookmarks.  Create a tab for each major bookmarks group, such as Home, Work, Fun Stuff, etc.  On each tab, list your bookmarks with headings.  Create up to 8 tabs and a total 1000 bookmarks.

Main Bookmarks Page

When you sign in to your Ablemarks account, your tabs, headings and bookmarks are displayed by the Bookmarks page.  They can be displayed using a variety of design templates which you can select via the Settings link on your Bookmarks page.  Here are all the Page Designs we have available.  Below is how your bookmarks might look using the "White" page design . . .

For details on the different sections and features of the main bookmarks page, see the Bookmarks help page.

Browser Requirements

To use Ablemarks, you need a browser that has . . .

  JavaScript enabled
  Cookies enabled

Best Browsers

Ablemarks should work with most browsers.  We have tested Ablemarks with the following list of browsers . . .

Browser Name




Mozilla Foundation

All works

Internet Explorer


All works



All works



All works

Safari on iPhone


All works


Learn next about using your Tabs and Bookmarks on the Bookmarks help page.



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