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iPhones and Mobile Devices

'White' Design 

Ablemarks automatically senses you are viewing your bookmarks on an iPhone, Blackberry, LG  phone, etc. and displays your bookmarks in a compact fashion.  For larger iPad / Kindle type devices, the pixel resolution is sufficient to use without having to display your links in a compact fashion. 

The Ablemarks service automatically formats your bookmarks into columns that fit your display.  On an iPhone, bookmarks are displayed in one column when it is held vertically, and in two columns when held horizontally. 

Our 'Black' design with 
these Tweaks set. 


The two designs that display in a compact fashion on the iPhone, are the 'White' and 'Black' designs.  If you are using another design, the 'White' design will be temporarily used when accessing your bookmarks on an iPhone.  Any Tweaks you have set for the 'White' or 'Black' designs, will continue to work on the iPhone displays.

Highlighting Bookmarks

Did you know you can make individual bookmarks stand out?  Highlight them with Bold, Italics, New, Dot, or an Arrow?  Learn more on our Bookmark Highlights help page.

Get Your Own Ablemarks Account 

An account is needed to start saving your bookmarks online at Ablemarks.  Free or 1 / day.   Create an Account

 Ablemarks Users Enjoy . . .

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  Clutter Free Design
  Up to 1000 bookmarks and 8 Tabs
  Import from IE, FF, Chrome, Safari
  Use on iPhone devices
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