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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy it is to add and edit bookmarks?

        To add a bookmark you paste the bookmark URL into the textbox and click the Add link.  To edit a bookmark, you double-click it.  You can also edit a tab of bookmarks by clicking the Edit link next to the tabs.  Then you'll be shown the bookmarks on that tab, one per line, for example . . .

Computer Companies

        You can edit at will, and you don't have to worry about the spacing.  You can select, copy and paste the lines to move one or more bookmarks around a tab, or among tabs.  We provide you with 'Auto Complete', 'Sort' and 'Undo' links to save you time.  For more information on editing bookmarks, review the Editing Bookmarks help page.

Can I import into Ablemarks my favorites / bookmarks in IE or FireFox?

        Yes, and from Chrome and Safari browsers too.  Many browsers allow you to export your favorites / bookmarks to a bookmarks file on your PC.  Ablemarks lets you import the bookmarks in that file into your Ablemarks account.  Our Import Bookmarks help page gives you step-by-step instructions for the leading browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and Safari).  You can even import your favorites from multiple browsers / PC's and select to exclude duplicate bookmarks when imported.  Click here to reach the Import Bookmarks page.  The 'Import Favorites / Bookmarks' link can be found on the Settings page.

Do other browsers work with program?

        We tested the leading Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and Safari) and they all work with Ablemarks.  We tested the browsers on various PC operating systems from Win98, XP, Vista, System 7, and Mac OS X.  We have not tested other browsers, which means, they may, or may not work.  Ablemarks also works with the iPhone, see next FAQ.

Does it work with Mobile Media, iPhones and such?
        Yes, Ablemarks automatically senses you are viewing your bookmarks on an iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, LG  phone, etc. and displays your bookmarks in a compact fashion.  For iPad / Kindle like devices, the pixel resolution is sufficient to work with Ablemarks without any adjustments.  Ablemarks automatically formats your bookmarks into columns (1-5) that will fit your display.  On an iPhone, bookmarks are displayed in one column when it is held vertically, and in two columns when held horizontally.  For more and to see screenshot examples on the Mobile Devices help page.

Will my bookmarks be secure?

        In a word, no.  Information that traverses or exists on the Web is prone to theft and misuse by hackers, companies and governments.  Ablemarks data is just as susceptible as other Web data.  A prudent person would not say anything on their cell phone that they would not want recorded, so do not use Ablemarks to store any bookmarks you don't want someone to know you visit.  We do attempt to secure your account with passwords and such, but this still does not mean your bookmarks are secure from theft or misuse.  Also, if you leave your computer running, anyone can sit down at your desk to view and access your Ablemarks bookmarks, just as they can view and access favorites / bookmarks you have saved within a browser.  Before using Ablemarks, evaluate for yourself, the risks of using Ablemarks to store your bookmarks on the Web.

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