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    About Ablemarks and our . . .
                        Online Bookmarks Manager

Ablemarks is an Online Bookmarks Manager that makes it easy to maintain and use a large set of bookmarks.  It works with all leading browsers, and it's the fastest way to traverse the Web from whatever computer you are using.

Founded in 2000, Ablemarks has been developing software solutions for Internet users for over 10 years.  Ablemarks is privately owned by investors in California and Utah.

 We're 30 miles South of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Ways to Contact Us

PO Box 301
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062 USA

(801) 815-9265

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Ablemarks Spotlight


Find A Lost Bookmark

Each year 190 million* people loose a bookmark.  With Ablemarks, just enter text you think is part of the bookmark name or link, and click the Ablemarks 'Find' link.  You're then instantly shown those bookmarks containing that text.

Fast, No Clutter

* Estimated by multiplying 1.9 billion Internet
  users worldwide x 10% of users losing a
  favorite / bookmark annually.


* Ablemarks requires an Internet browser with JavaScript and Cookies enabled, which are the default settings for most browsers.


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