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Online Bookmarks Manager


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With Ablemarks* enjoy...

  Always the Same
  Always Available
  Import Favorites
  Stay In Touch
  Instant Edits
  Fast Design

Your Bookmarks . . . Always the Same!

Ablemarks is an Online Favorites Manager / Online Bookmarks Manager that's easy to use and easy to maintain a large number of bookmarks.  It works with any of the leading Browsers.  Nothing to download, no toolbars to install, nothing to buy.

Combine your Favorites / Bookmarks that you have on multiple computers and in multiple browsers, into one set of bookmarks at Ablemarks.  Then, no matter what browser or computer you are using, your bookmarks are always the same.  When you set your browser's Home Page to your bookmarks at Ablemarks, your bookmarks instantly appear when you click the Home button.  Only two steps to Import Your Favorites / Bookmarks into your Ablemarks account.

We have worked to make Ablemarks the fastest and easiest bookmarking solution available.  We offer a free Basic Account with ads, and a no-ads Premium Account for 1 / day.  View Screenshots.

It Works

Create a tab for each set of bookmarks you have.  Then group your bookmarks by headings.  Create or Import up to 1000 bookmarks.

Select the look and feel of your bookmarks from one of our different Page Designs.

Use our Stay In Touch bookmark option to receive reminder emails to visit your favorite News site, Blogs or Forums, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly.


Key Features

   Up to 1000 Bookmarks
   Always the Same
   Always Available
   Tabs and Headings
   Instant Editing
   Import Your Favorites
   Optional Web Search
   Bookmark Highlights
   Find Lost Bookmarks
   Stay In Touch
   Public Tab Option
   Multiple Designs
   Help Screens


Yes, your bookmarks are automatically optimized for use with an iPhone or similar mobile device.


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Ablemarks At Its Best


Set your browser's Home Page to your bookmarks at Ablemarks.  Many browsers let you drag the icon left of the URL to your browser's Home button.

Then, no matter where you are on the Web, one click of your browser's Home button will immediately display your favorites / bookmarks.

Fast, No Clutter


Simple, fast, and easy to use!
Works on any device and can
expand or shrink in size.  Great
in the classroom, office, or
at home
Use it today...

* Ablemarks requires an Internet browser with JavaScript and Cookies enabled, which are the default settings for most browsers.


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